New Hope Reformed Fellowship Church

John 14:6

And Jesus said to him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me."


March 2017 Preaching Schedule


Sunday, April 2             9:30 AM  (Pastor VanderKlok) & 12:00 PM (Seminarian Sherif Atef)

Sunday, April 2             9:30 AM  (Pastor VanderKlok) & 12:00 PM (Seminarian Slingerland)

Sunday, April 2             7:00 PM    Good Friday Service - 7:00 PM - Pastor VanderKlok

Sunday, April 2             9:30 AM  (Pastor VanderKlok) & 12:00 PM (Pastor Kelderman)

Sunday, April 23           9:30 AM  (Pastor VanderKlok) & 12:00 PM (Pastor Kelderman)

Sunday, April 30           9:30 AM  (Pastor VanderKlok) & 12:00 PM (Pastor Neeley)


                         Joining the Heritage Reformed Church

  • We are currently seeking affiliation into the Heritage Reformed Church in Grand Rapids, MI. 
  • This will probably be a 2-3 year program as they become more familiar with us and we with them.

                                   Mission Outreach

We support Kati De Jong in her mission in Guinea.  In her position she focuses on outreach and discipleship to children in Guinea age 6-11. Almost half of Guinea's population is under the age 14, so reaching out to children is strategic. The vision includes a tutoring and activities club to help children with their school work, increase their spiritual awareness, and also look to develop relationships with kids and their families.

We also support a project to supply Bibles for the Church of Central Presbyterian Church (CCAP) in Malawi.  In this program we provide funds to purchase Bibles for Elders and laity of the Church.